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"When we got our Russell Terrier, I quickly realized that he was going to require a professional groomer who specializes in terrier stripping. We soon learned that Beth had moved to Aiken, SC and that she was an experienced terrier groomer. We quickly set up an appointment and both of our terriers got the benefit of Beth’s skills. I also learned about the proper tools for maintaining the terriers’ coats between seasonal strippping appointments with Beth. We are most fortunate that Beth has set up her grooming business in Aiken and I urge any owner with a dog that requires professional grooming to call Beth. She’s a delightful person and is so willing to share her knowledge." – Sandy Tucker


"Thank you so much for the time we spent yesterday. I came away with so many things, large and small. Some of these new things I am aware of already, and I bet there will be many which I will become aware of in the days and weeks to come. If I’d just gotten the beginnings of confidence that I can strip correctly, to me that would have been a day well spent. So I just want to say, as a teacher you imparted a lot and did it in a way which made it pleasant to learn. This last part- there are many who have knowledge but are unable to share it in a way that the other person can take it in. Aside from what I got about grooming,  I just found it enjoyable being with you." – Hugh Grahme and Merlin the Black Schnauzer 

"I just have to say that you gave Oliver the best cut he has ever had!  I love his new look!  See you in September." – Scott


"I just wanted to thank you for today. My mother and I left your home so happy. We both called each other on the way home, saying what a great experience it was letting us watch "Joan" have her first grooming experience. I am so happy I was able to find you, and we will definitely be back. You were so informative and taught us so many things we didn't know about regarding wire fox terriers. I talked to my fiance for an hour about everything you told us. I am going to the butcher this week to get her real "bones" more rawhide...! Joan slept all day, and she looks beautiful....thank you again and look forward to seeing you soon!" – Andrea

"Since Beth’s been grooming him, Monty’s never looked better.  And even when he needs a grooming, he still looks great.  Beth’s  a real sweetie, as well, with Mr. Monty, who can have his grumpy moments.  From the other room, I hear her crooning to him. Thanks Beth." –Jeanne and Joe Friedman

"When Beth grooms your dog, you're getting more than just an awesome dog cut. She brings her knowledge and experience to the table, and turns a grooming appointment into a fun educational time for you and your dog! My affenpinscher never looked better, she just knows how to deliver top notch grooming to breed standards." – Michelle Pedone, Photographer

"As a business owner in the public relations field for over 20 years, understanding high quality service is second nature. Beth has been groomig my fox terrier, Asta, for 15 years, and I wouldn’t dream of taking him to anyone else because her standards are as high as mine. She provides reliable, professional service of the highest calibre, and her genuine love of her work and her pet clients is reflected in the care she provides. I highly recommend Beth without hesitation." – Marina Maher, President & CEO, Marina Maher Communications

"A lot of people will claim they know how to hand-pluck Brussels Griffons, but they don't. After I met Beth and saw the amazing job she did with my 2-year old Chewie, I have never, ever gone back to any of the pet shops in New York City. No one can provide the same kind of expert knowledge that Beth can. She is a true connoisseur." – Isabel Chang, Web Designer

"When I got my Lola, a standard wirehaired dachsund, I searched high and low for a groomer who did not ask... "is she a mix of dachsund and schnauzer?" or who thought clipping was the way to go (I knew better). Fortunately for us, we found Beth, a rare jewel who is a true professional and a most caring person.  When Beth is finished one sees a dog who is ready for the show ring and delighted at having been groomed." – David A. Bango

"You are an absolute treasure! We not only do we love your work, but we see you kissing our little girl after her grooming. You have helped us more than you will ever know. Did we ever tell you that we got your name from the to top people at Westminster? See you next month." – Andrew Lanyi


"For the past five years, the grooming and handstripping of Cali, our precious seven year old Cairn Terrier, has been in the capable hands of Terrierific (Beth Cronk).  We live in Manhattan and learned about Beth’s services from other Cairn Terrier owners in our neighborhood.  Because of Beth’s work with Cali, the health of her coat has improved dramatically.  Unlike other groomers who did not know how to work with a terrier coat, Beth is able to strip and scissor her in a way that has resulted in a happier, healthier and more beautiful dog. We recommend her services without reservation." – Fran Nesi and Joe Betro, Chelsea, NYC

"Beth, we continue to run into so many Wire Fox Terriers – still! And of course, everyone knows you.  This morning we were walking with E & T and we ran into Watson. On Friday, I ran into  woman who lives at 65 Morton, very nice, who has two I believe. Sunday we took them down to Tribeca for breakfast and then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights and they were a huge hit. It is amazing how many lives you have touched!" – Richard J. Mollot, Executive Director, Long Term Care Community Coalition

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